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「Mignon」在英語,是嬌俏可愛的容顏; 「Mignon」在法國,是媚惑迷人的狀態; 「Mignon」在德國,是心愛的人兒; 「Mignon」在中文,代表的是「米婕諾」一個為守護您美麗容顏而生的專業美容保養品牌!我們深信,美麗的容顏需要專業的呵護與照顧,才能將青春的潤澤彈嫩永久保存。
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We do daily vLog videos on YouTube about our lives. My wife and I are artists. Our son is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and our daughter is crazy. It is always (well, usually) fun at our house.
Rolling Luxury inc Ottawa premier limousine and coach bus service provider. No matter your transportation needs we got you covered.
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